Jinsei vacuum sealer Bags (double pack)


Discover the incredible benefits of Heroshi Jinsei Vacuum Food Storage Bags (double pack) and revolutionise your food preservation routine. Our vacuum sealing bags are designed to keep your food fresher for longer, minimising wastage and maximising taste. With three versatile sizes in each box – 22x21cm (10 units), 26x28cm (15 units), and 22x34cm (5 units) – you have the flexibility to store a variety of foods, from small snacks to larger meal portions. These bags create an airtight seal that locks in flavours, nutrients, and textures, preventing freezer burn and preserving your food’s quality. Whether you’re a meal prepper, a busy parent, or simply looking to cut down on food waste, Heroshi Jinsei Vacuum Food Storage Bags are your go-to solution. Embrace convenience, save money, and enjoy fresher meals with every use.

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Make a sustainable choice and reduce food waste while saving money. Elevate your food storage experience with Heroshi Jinsei Vacuum Food Storage Bags, the smart solution for fresher, longer-lasting meals.

Experience the ultimate solution for preserving your food’s freshness with Heroshi Jinsei Vacuum Food Storage Bags. Available in three convenient sizes – 22x21cm (10 bags), 26x28cm (15 bags), and 22x34cm (5 bags) for a total of 30 bags in the pack – these innovative bags are designed to keep your food flavourful and extend its shelf life.

Say goodbye to food wastage and hello to prolonged freshness. Our vacuum storage bags are equipped with a secure seal and robust material, ensuring an airtight environment that locks in nutrients and flavours. These bags are perfect for storing a variety of foods, from leftovers to meal preps, and they are suitable for both the freezer and refrigerator.

Jinsei vacuum sealer bags - 3 sizes
Jinsei Vacuum sealer bags

In the box:

  • 30x Jinsei vacuum sealer bags as:
    • 22×21 cm (10 bags)
    • 26×28 cm (15 bags)
    • 22×34 cm (5 bags)

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 28 × 5.5 × 32 cm

22×21 cm, 22×34 cm, 26×28 cm