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Take your culinary repertoire to a new creative level with the Heroshi Maruchi Chopper and fall back in love with easy and healthy home-cooked food.
Heroshi Maruchi Chopper, Ideal for ...

Enhance your culinary skills with the Heroshi Maruchi Chopper. This versatile appliance excels in quick and efficient food preparation, allowing you to chop, mix, grind, mince, puree, blend, shred, slice, and more. Its powerful 350-watt motor handles various ingredients, including meats, seafood, vegetables, fruits, and even ice. The Maruchi Chopper features dual-speed settings, four stainless-steel blades, and a pulse chopping technique for precise and even results. With a 2L glass or stainless-steel bowl, transparent lid, non-slip footing, and easy disassembly for cleaning, it offers convenience and safety. Elevate your cooking experience with the Heroshi Maruchi Chopper, certified to international safety standards.

Chop, mix, grind, mince, puree, blend, shred, slice, & more ...

Smart , Innovative , Economical

What makes the Heroshi Chopper one of the world's favourite kitchen appliances …

Powerful 350-watt motor

The powerful 350-watt motor can process just about all foods including meats, seafood, poultry, vegetables, nuts, fruits, breads, eggs, biscuits, legumes and even ice.

Centrifugal Coaxial Technology

The secret lies in its centrifugal coaxial technology and bi-level stainless steel blades. These blades lift and mix ingredients while chopping and blending, delivering perfect results every time.

Twin-speed controls

The twin speed controls for variations in load and food texture. The twin speed controls allow you to determine the consistency of your dishes from start to finish.

4x stainless steel coaxial blades

The bottom blades lift and toss the food caught in the bottom of the bowl during processing. The top blades chop and dice.

2 litre bowl capacity

The Heroshi Maruchi Chopper comes with a 2L glass and 2L stainless-steel bowl, transparent lid and non-slip footing.

Small footprint

The Chopper is compact with a small bench top footprint. Impress your friends, impress your family, impress yourself!

Pulse perfection

The finger-tip controls are especially suited to a pulse chopping technique which ensures an even chopping result as the food is lifted and redistributed in the bowl with each pulse. Pulse 1: Softer foods, smaller volumes. Pulse 2: Harder foods, larger volumes.

Easy to clean

The Heroshi Maruchi Chopper can be assembled quickly for quick setup and usage, and easily disassembled after use for cleaning and storage (just be careful with the blades, they are sharp!).

Heroshi does it all ...

The Heroshi Chopper will soon become your go to kitchen appliance ...

Food preparation has never been easier

Whether it’s dicing beef, mincing chicken, making freshly made salads, whisking cream or simply beating eggs, Heroshi does it all.

And … don’t forget the washing up … what a breeze!

Something extra


Spare parts & accessories

Available online.

Spare bowls, lids, blades, and non-slip mats are all available for purchase in our online store.

Heroshi Maruchi Chopper, stainless bowl and lid
Heroshi Maruchi Chopper blades and safety covers

Why Maruchi?


The perfect tool for day-to-day food preparation at home.

Transform your cooking experience with the Heroshi Maruchi Chopper, your ultimate kitchen companion for effortless food preparation. Chop, mix, grind, mince, puree, blend, shred, slice, and more with unparalleled ease. Featuring a robust 350-watt motor, this chopper can tackle a wide range of ingredients, from meats and seafood to nuts and fruits, and even ice.

Crafted for precision, the Maruchi Chopper boasts fingertip controls and a pulse chopping technique that ensures consistently even results. Its dual-speed settings, complemented by four stainless-steel blades, guarantee precise chopping every time. Whether you’re handling meats or hard vegetables, this chopper delivers impeccable results.

Equipped with a spacious 2L glass or stainless-steel bowl, a transparent lid for easy monitoring, non-slip footing for stability, and effortless disassembly for cleaning, the Maruchi Chopper prioritises both convenience and safety.

Heroshi Maruchi Chopper glass bowl with food
Heroshi Maruchi Chopper
Heroshi Maruchi Chopper

Unleash the full potential of your culinary creations with the Heroshi Maruchi Chopper, where efficiency meets excellence. Whether you’re making rich pasta sauces, chunky salsas, or light and fluffy breakfast omelettes, the Chopper is incredibly easy to use, putting you in total command. Become the master of quick and healthy meals with fresh nut salads, tasty hash browns, salmon and potato fish cakes, Lebanese coleslaw, pork and fennel meatballs. Don’t throw out those leftover vegetables – turn them into a hearty soup in moments. When you’re done, simply rinse and store.

  • 350w Dual speed motor for variations in load and food texture
  • 4x coaxial stainless-steel blades for quick and even results
    • Bottom blades: Lift and toss the food caught in the bottom of the bowl during processing
    • Top blades: Chop and dice
  • Variable touch sense technology (2 speed pulsar) with one-touch pulse function for complete precision control
    • Pulse 1: Softer foods, smaller volumes
    • Pulse 2: Harder foods, larger volumes
  • 2L glass bowl
  • 2L stainless bowl
  • Transparent lid for use when chopping
  • Non-slip bowl footing and serving spatula
  • Food storage cover for chopping bowl
  • Aerating whisk
  • Easily dissembles for quick and easy cleaning and storage
  • Certified to international standards for safety and security
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Technical Details

Dimensions: 22.5cm (handles) x 13.5cm (base) x 26cm

Weight: 2.5kg

Voltage: 240

Motor: 350w Dual speed motor

Blades: 4x coaxial stainless steel blades

Warranty: 2 years

Putting it all together

Heroshi chopper parts guide
Heroshi chopper parts guide

Assemble the main blade

Careful they are sharp. Be sure to remove the black safety covers before use.

Assemble the dual blade by interlocking the two individual blade sections together.  

  • Take the smaller (top) blade by the safety guard and slide down over the shaft of the main (bottom) blade. 
  • Lift the unit by the shaft and carefully grip the safety area beneath the bottom blade. Grip the top blade by its safety area. Keeping the bottom blade secure, rotate the top blade ¼ turn anti-clockwise to secure the two blades. You will feel a ‘click’ when the two blades interlock successfully. 
  • The dual blade is now assembled and ready to be used in your Heroshi bowls. 

Note: There are black covers on the blades, these protect both the blades and your fingers. They will need to be removed before using the unit. Be careful with the blades, they are sharp. 

Heroshi Maruchi Chopper blades and safety covers

Attaching the blades to the bowl

The Heroshi Maruchi Chopper bowls (glass and stainless steel) have an internal shaft for the dual blades.
  • To attach the dual blade simply slide over the top of the bowls shaft. The blade will be secured by the glass lid and the Maruchi Chopper. 

Note: The aerating whisk works in the same way, slide over the top of the shaft to attach and simply slide off again to remove. 

Maximum capacity and working times

Prolong the life of your unit.

Only use the chopper in intervals of 15 seconds or less and never use the chopper for a total operating time longer than 3 minutes.

After 3 minutes use, allow a period of 5 minutes for chopper motor to cool down.

Maximum volume of food (pork, steak, chicken, seafood) is 500 grams.

Heroshi Maruchi Chopper, stainless bowl and blades

How to use, tips and troubleshooting


How to use the Maruchi Chopper

Simple to setup, easy to use, quick to slice.

Assuming you have the blade in the bowl with your ingredients, all that is left is to chop them. 

  • Place the glass lid on your bowl. 
  • Carefully place the Heroshi Maruchi Chopper on top of the glass lid. You will feel the shaft slide into the unit and the nit itself will sit flush with the glass lid. 
  • Once the lid and chopper have been secured you can pulse your ingredients. There are 2x settings, moderate and fast. 
  • Always attach the anti-skid silicon ring to the bottom of the glass bowl.
  • Always use the chopper on a flat and even surface.
  • Always take care placing the sharp coaxial blade assembly into the bowl.
  • Always add food after placing the coaxial blades in place.

Heroshi handy hints

Tips for using the Maruchi Chopper.
  • Cut food into a maximum of 1-2cm chunks.
  • Continual chopping of hard foodstuffs like coffee beans, large seeds or ice may damage or dull the coaxial blades.
  • Always place lid on bowl prior to use.
  • Always ensure the motor body is secured in place.
  • When chopping select from buttons I or II
    • Use I for softer foods or where slower speed is required;
    • Use II where harder foods or faster chopping is required;
    • Use II when larger quantities of food are being processed.
  • For precise results, pulse your ingredients. To pulse, press I for 1-2 seconds, then release for 1 second. This allows you to monitor results and deliver the food consistency you desire.
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Troubleshooting during use

See if any of these tips help.
  • If the chopper labours (i.e. is not operating at its usual speed), remove some of the food from the bowl and continue by way of batch processing.
  • If the motor overheats it will turn off automatically. This built-in safety feature protects the motor from burn out. Always unplug the chopper and wait 10-15 minutes to allow motor to cool down in this event.
  • Where chopper does not work, ensure it is correctly plugged in and the power switched on.
  • Where shaking occurs during use, ensure the bowl, lid, and motor body are properly aligned and locked in place.
  • Never hold down button I or II (pulsing action) for longer than 15 seconds.

Note: If the Heroshi Maruchi Chopper does not feel like it is connecting to the shaft, do not force it, simply rotate the chopper slightly until you get the right alignment and the shaft slides in easily. 

Get the most from your Chopper


Chopper Cleaning and Maintenance

Easy to use, easy to clean.
  1. Disconnect the power plug from the socket.
  2. Clean the motor body with a slightly moist soft cloth.
  3. Never submerge or wet the motor body or power cord.
  4. Always dry the motor body after cleaning using a soft dry cloth.
  5. Wash bowls in warm water and detergent.
  6. When washing coaxial blades, take care when handling as they are sharp
  7. Thoroughly dry all parts before storage.
  8. Store in a cool dry place that is secure and away from easy access of children.

Cleaning the Chopper blades

Careful they are sharp!
  • Carefully remove the blades by lifting them via the safety guard and give them a quick rinse. 
  • Disassemble the blades by carefully rotating the top blade in a clockwise direction, keeping the bottom blade firmly secured. Be sure to secure the top and bottom blades by their safety guards. 
  • Once released, lift the top blade from the bottom blade shaft. The blades can now be cleaned in warm soapy water – be careful they are sharp. 

Cleaning the Chopper bowls

The easy part.

Glass bowl – Wash in warm soapy water only.

Stainless bowl – Wash in warm soapy water. Dishwasher safe.

Heroshi Maruchi Chopper

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