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About Heroshi
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A visionary company dedicated to revolutionizing your kitchen experience.

We specialize in crafting exceptional appliances that redefine how you interact with your culinary space. Our product range includes an array of game-changing innovations, such as the cold press juicer, designed to extract every drop of nourishment from your favorite fruits. Elevate your meal preparation with our dual lift chopper, engineered for precision and efficiency, saving you time and effort. Say goodbye to food wastage and hello to prolonged freshness with our cutting-edge food vacuum sealer, preserving flavor and nutrients.

At Heroshi, we blend technology and craftsmanship to empower your cooking journey, making it more enjoyable and convenient. Join us in embracing the future of kitchen appliances that seamlessly blend functionality, style, and simplicity.

Explore the exceptional range of products offered by Heroshi, a company dedicated to enhancing your everyday kitchen endeavors. Our selection includes an array of innovative solutions designed to elevate your culinary pursuits.

  • Dive into the world of flavor extraction with our cold press juicer, meticulously engineered to ensure every sip is brimming with nutrients and taste.
  • Embrace efficiency and precision in food preparation with our dual lift chopper, a versatile tool that simplifies the chopping process while maintaining the integrity of ingredients.
  • Experience a paradigm shift in food storage with our advanced food vacuum sealer, which not only extends freshness but also safeguards taste and quality.

What sets our products apart is their seamless blend of cutting-edge technology, user-friendly design, and a commitment to sustainability. At Heroshi, we take pride in providing you with kitchen companions that inspire creativity, streamline tasks, and ultimately make your cooking journey more rewarding.

At Heroshi, our commitment goes beyond crafting exceptional kitchen products; it extends to providing unparalleled customer support that genuinely cares. We understand that your experience doesn’t conclude with the purchase – it’s merely the beginning of our journey together.

Our dedicated customer support team is always prepared to assist, ensuring your questions are promptly answered, concerns are effectively addressed, and solutions are provided. Whether you require guidance on product usage, troubleshooting, or any assistance along the way, we’re here for you. Your satisfaction stands as our priority, and our responsive and knowledgeable support staff attests to that commitment. Experience peace of mind, knowing that with Heroshi, you’re not only acquiring top-tier kitchen solutions but also partnering with us every step of the way.

Innovative products


Maruchi Chopper

Heroshi Maruchi Chopper

Saisho Juicer

Heroshi Saisho Juicer

Jinsei Food Sealer

JINSEI what is in the box

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Dual lift

Maruchi Chopper

Enhance your culinary skills with the Heroshi Maruchi Chopper. From chopping to grinding, mincing to blending, it tackles a range of tasks in a fraction of the time. Embrace the ease of creating wholesome and nutritious home-cooked meals effortlessly.

Cold Press Juicer

Saisho Juicer

Indulge in the complete goodness of fruits and vegetables with our Heroshi Juicer. Through gentle crushing and the breakdown of cellular walls, it safeguards nutrients and enzymes, guaranteeing seamless absorption by your body.

Food life extension system

Jinsei Vacuum Sealer

Explore the groundbreaking JINSEI Vacuum Sealer, a transformative product crafted to extend the shelf life of your food. Featuring a distinctive handheld design, this vacuum sealer eliminates air from both Vacuum Bags and the universal lid, guaranteeing the longevity of your food’s freshness. Bid farewell to freezer burn and food oxidation, and welcome preserved textures and flavors. JINSEI not only preserves food but also conserves money and time.

Recipes & Accessories

Maruchi Chopper Stainless Bowl
Maruchi Chopper Stainless Bowl

Chopper parts

Replacement blades, bowls and lids.
Non-slip Silicone Mat (side 1)
Non-slip Silicone Mat (side 1)


Silicone mats.

Juicer Recipes

Delicious and nutritious.

Jinsei Cook Book

Sous vide recipes.
Jinsei cookbook

Discover Exiting World of Heroshi

Maruchi Chopper
Saisho Juicer
Jinsei Vacuum Sealer

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We get a lot of questions about the powders and formulas many of you saw with our TVSN debut. These powdered formulas came courtesy of Blue Zone (who specialise in producing healthy and tasty formulas) as did the wonderful cookbook.

We are pleased to work with Blue Zone and if you want to get more of their powdered formulas or pick up a copy of the ‘Eating in the Zone’ cook book simply click the below link and we will send you through to Blue Zone.

We receive numerous inquiries about the powders and formulas that many of you discovered during our TVSN debut. These powdered formulations were provided by Blue Zone, specialists in creating healthful and delicious blends, as well as the delightful cookbook.

We are delighted to collaborate with Blue Zone. If you wish to acquire more of their powdered formulas or obtain a copy of the ‘Eating in the Zone’ cookbook, simply click the link below, and we will redirect you to Blue Zone’s website.

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