Jinsei Vacuum Sealer

JINSEI is a revolutionary product designed to enhance the lifespan of your food. With its unique handheld design, this vacuum sealer removes air from Vacuum Bags and the universal lid, ensuring your food stays fresh for longer. Say goodbye to freezer burn and food oxidation, and say hello to preserved textures and flavours. JINSEI saves food, saves money, and saves time.
JINSEI food life extension system
JINSEI food life extension system

Embrace the convenience and benefits of the JINSEI Food Life Extension System. With our vacuum sealer, you can extend the lifespan of your food, reduce waste, and save money. Experience the freshness and taste of properly preserved food, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your meals are protected. Join the JINSEI community and unlock a world of culinary possibilities.

Invest in the JINSEI Vacuum Sealer today and savour the flavours of tomorrow.

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Why Jinsei?


Using the JINSEI Vacuum Sealing system is simple and efficient. Our airtight vacuum extraction technology creates a tight seal, preserving your food and extending its shelf life. Follow these easy steps:

  • Fill and seal the Vacuum Bag using the Sealing Clip, ensuring your food remains below the Maximum Fill Line and under the Air Valve.
  • For optimal results, place the vacuum bag on a flat surface when sealing. This provides the best air extraction.
  • Press the air suction tip flat against the Air Valve.
  • Activate the ON Button to start the air extraction process. Release the ON Button when your food is fully vacuum-sealed. Typically, this takes between 8 to 15 seconds for the bags and 10 to 15 seconds for the universal lid.
  • Once vacuum-sealed, place the bag in the fridge or freezer immediately (note: do not freeze dry goods).
JINSEI what is in the box

Parts explained


Technical details

  • Product dimensions: 220×60×82mm
  • Batteries: 6×1.5V (AA)
  • Output Voltage: 9V Output | Power: 12.5W
  • Or adapter: Input: 100-240V,50/60Hz | Output: 6V/2.5A
  • Operating Relative Humidity: 5~95%RH
  • Max vacuum pressure: -0.5Bar(-50Kpa)
  • Suction power: ≥8L/Minute
  • Vacuum Bag size (mm): 220×210 • 260×280 • 220×340
  • Universal Lid size (cm): 20
  • Universal Lid usage range (cm): 9.5 to 16.5
  • Vacuum Sealer Operating Temperature: 0 to 40°C
  • Vacuum Bag Storage Temperature: -20 to +85°C
Jinsei components
Sous vide with Heroshi Jinsei

Vacuum sealer

1. Air Suction Tip
2. Removable Chamber
3. ON Button
4. Battery Cover

Vacuum bag

5. Zipper Closure
6. Labelling Panel
7. Air Valve
8. Maximum Fill Line
9. Sealing Clip

Universal Lid

10. Air Valve
11. Silicone Rubber

Get the most from your Jinsei

Jinsei unit side

How to

Get the most from your Jinsei food sealer
  • Use the Vacuum Sealer in short bursts, allowing a few seconds of rest between each burst. Please note that the Vacuum Sealer is not suitable for liquid food. For liquids, we recommend pre-freezing them into solids before vacuum sealing.
  • The vacuum bags are ideal for dry foods or cooked meals. For meats and fish, consider pre-packing them in a conventional freezer bag before vacuum sealing to achieve the best results.
  • To extend the life of the bags and minimise staining from food, wrap your food in cling wrap or another bag before vacuum sealing.
  • Avoid vacuum sealing foods with sharp bones, as they can puncture the bags.
    If sealing powdery substances like flour, be cautious as they may block the air valve and damage the bag.
  • When marking the bag with contents and date, always do so before adding foodstuffs.
    Allow 4-5 seconds after vacuum sealing is complete before removing the vacuum sealer from the bag or lid.
  • Before removing the sealer, press your finger down on the arrow on the air valve.
  • It’s essential to let your food cool before vacuum sealing to avoid damaging the bag or lid.
  • Remember not to microwave the bags or lid, and they are not dishwasher-safe.

Sous Vide

Tips and tricks to get you results


 Possible Cause


 Vacuum Sealer does not start when ON Button is pressed.  Batteries have no power or are not properly installed.  Check batteries. Ensure batteries are installed with correct +/- position indicated on the Battery Cover. Install new batteries.
 Vacuum Sealer starts but bag does not tighten around food.  1. Bag is not completely closed. 2. Air Valve is not on flat surface. 3. Air Suction Tip and Air Valve not making secure contact. 4. Limited suction during vacuuming. 5. Food is not arranged properly 6. Bag not fully sealed air tight.  1. Open Bag and re-close Zipper using sealing clip. Run fingers across entire Zipper to ensure it’s completely closed. 2. Reposition Bag so the Air Valve lies on flat counter, with no food under Air Valve. 3. Ensure Air Suction Tip is centred and placed flat on Air Valve. Apply moderate pressure. 4. Too much pressure is being applied on air valve. 5. Rearrange food so that it is below the Fill Line and is not under the Air Valve. 6. Allow several seconds for visible signs of bag tightening around food. Ensure Vacuum Sealer stays pressed on Air Valve continuously. Bag should tighten completely within 20 seconds.
 Vacuum Sealer starts but universal lid seal doesn’t under vacuum status.  The cover is not fitted properly. Or there is an obstruction in the silicone rubber.  Make sure the cover is properly fitted and no food is sitting on the silicone rubber.
 Vacuum Freezer Bag takes longer than 20 seconds to tighten around food, or loosens after air is removed. 1. Batteries are weak, Motor runs slowly. 2. Food particles are trapped in Zipper. 3. Zipper is not completely sealed. 4. Air Valve has not closed. 1. Install six new AA alkaline batteries. 2. Try another Bag if particles can not be removed. 3. Open Bag and re-close Zipper. Run fingers across entire Zipper to ensure it is completely closed. 4. Remove air from Bag again. Immediately press centre of Air Valve with finger to ensure seal.


For best results fold air valve section of the vacuum bag over outer lip of saucepan and clip firm with peg to avoid air valve slipping and being immersed in water. Immersion of air valve whilst Sous Vide cooking will destroy bag and result in spoilage.

Keeping it clean


1. Vacuum Sealer

The Vacuum Sealer – wipe clean with damp cloth. Never immerse Vacuum Sealer in water. Do not place vacuum sealer in dishwasher.

2. Removable Chamber

Disconnect the chamber for cleaning. To remove, twist off (in direction of arrow) Clean with warm soapy water. Air dry before returning to machine.

3. Washing Vacuum Bags and Universal Lid

Turn bag inside out, wash gently to remove any food residue. Wipe clean and dry before re-using. Do not rub valve. Bags are not dishwasher safe or microwave safe.

4. Washing the Vacuum Lid

Hand-wash only.

5. Replacing Batteries

Remove Battery Cover by pressing in the catch. Replace with six AA alkaline batteries, ensuring the +/- matches the indication on the Battery Cover. Replace Battery Cover.

Jinsei unit front

If you need more bags we have them!

Jinsei Vacuum sealer bags in box - twin pack

Experience the ultimate solution for preserving your food’s freshness with Heroshi Jinsei Vacuum Food Storage Bags. Available in three convenient sizes – 22x21cm (10 units), 26x28cm (15 units), and 22x34cm (5 units) – these innovative bags are designed to keep your food flavourful and extend its shelf life.

Jinsei vacuum sealer bags - 3 sizes

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