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Maruchi Chopper

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Elevate your culinary skills with the Heroshi Maruchi Chopper. Experience quick and efficient food preparation like never before. Chop, mix, grind, mince, puree, blend, shred, slice, and more with ease. Its powerful 350-watt motor handles a wide range of ingredients, including meats, seafood, vegetables, fruits, and even ice. The Maruchi Chopper’s dual-speed settings, four stainless-steel blades, and pulse chopping technique ensure precise and even results every time. With its 2L glass or stainless-steel bowl, transparent lid, non-slip footing, and easy disassembly for cleaning, this chopper offers both convenience and safety. Elevate your cooking experience with the Heroshi Maruchi Chopper, certified to international safety standards. Buy now and revolutionize your home-cooked meals.

Heroshi Maruchi Chopper blades and safety coversMaruchi Chopper Stainless Bowl

Chopper Replacement Blades


Replacement blades for the Heroshi Maruchi Chopper, easy to install, easy to clean. Includes top and bottom blades and their safety covers. Bottom blade lifts, top blade dices, designed for the Heroshi Maruchi Chopper.

Maruchi Chopper Accessory PackMaruchi Chopper Stainless Bowl

Chopper Accessory Pack


Introducing the Accessory pack for the Heroshi Maruchi Chopper. Spare stainless steel bowl, non-slip ring and storage cover. Ready to use setup with the Heroshi Maruchi Chopper. A perfect accessory pack for your Heroshi Maruchi Chopper.

Maruchi Blending Jug

Maruchi Chopper Blending Jug


Introducing the Maruchi Chopper Blending Jug by Heroshi—a culinary game-changer designed to revolutionize your kitchen experience. From smoothies to sauces, soups to beverages, this powerhouse appliance does it all with lightning speed and precision. With its six aerodynamic blades, generous 2L jug, and easy-to-use design, unleash your culinary creativity effortlessly. Elevate your dishes, save time, and savor every moment with the Maruchi Chopper Blending Jug.

Non-slip Silicone Mat (side 2)Non-slip Silicone Mat (side 1)

Silicone Mat


Non-slip silicone mat. Buy: Perfect for keeping the glass and stainless steel bowls in place when using the Heroshi Maruchi Chopper. Can also be used with the Heroshi Saisho Juicer to stop the cups moving around.